High-Velocity Startups

Using 25 Years’ XP to Coach Tech Entrepreneurs to Drive High-Velocity Startups 

Accelerate confidently.

We accelerate your startup towards profitability by refining your messaging for investors, structuring deals, and taking priority actions fast.


What we do for our clients

We are a startup accelerator that offers strategic alignment and alternative dispute resolution support for tech startups and their co-founders, working with them to accelerate their pathway to securing funds from investors.


Ready to STRIVE™ to thrive?

Whether you are an aspiring tech entrepreneur or an expert innovator looking to get to achieve results fast, it’s important to find out how fast you can go based on where you are.

Our founder and Principal Advisor, Raihan Islam, has decades of experience in the 7 Key Areas making High-Velocity Startups the flexible tech startup accelerator.

Connect with him to find out how fast you can go to get to where you want to be. STRIVE™ to thrive.

Raihan Islam, Principal Advisor at defineXTEND