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Accelerate confidently.

We accelerate your startup towards profitability by refining your messaging for investors, structuring deals, and taking priority actions fast.

Our Principal Advisor has been featured on:

Sky News

Work with a professional lawyer who’s supported some of the world’s largest businesses.

Having an all-in-one expert lawyer, management consultant, and technology professional coach you directly can accelerate your journey to success.

Our Principal Advisor’s expertise has supported Amazon’s legal and transaction risk management teams, DHL’s product management team, and numerous US, UK, Canada, and Australia businesses.

Have a vision for launching a disruptive, innovative startup?

Desire channeling your energy towards achieving success faster?

Want to stretch your runway until you can get funded via high-velocity execution?

With 90% of startups failing, you have to do something different to join the 10%.

High-Velocity Startups’ Raihan Islam is a startup coach who advises founders on accelerating their startup by first achieving strategic alignment with key partners and mediating any disputes along the way, followed by taking high-velocity action.

Tackle tech startup challenges and increase investor confidence.

Whether you’re flying solo or working with co-founders, we know it’s critical to help you focus on what’s most important, so we focus on accelerating your startup to increase investor confidence and allow you to focus on changing the world.

Our Principal Advisor is a tech entrepreneur himself, having made a product used by tens of thousands of people and an internal innovation which helped his client amass hundreds of thousands of followers and millions of views on social media.

We align co-founders on strategy

Strategic Alignment

Whether you are in a low-risk or high-risk startup setup, we help you navigate the risks towards strategic alignment, resulting in new or updated business plans, company registration, legal agreements, or pitch decks

We resolve co-founder disputes via mediation

Dispute Mediation

If your startup has red flags, we can propose options leading to the outcome you desire, resulting either in updated company documents or strategic intervention towards reconciliation or transition

We accelerate your startup with the STRIVE to thrive

Once you have strategic alignment with key stakeholders and all of the appropriate plans, decks, and agreements, we guide you with our multidisciplinary expertise and our unique STRIVE™ Method to help you make better decisions quickly – Learn More.

How We Work

Transforming your business through multidisciplinary connecting of the dots using the STRIVE Method

Velocity Assessment

STRIVE™ Velocity Assessment

Assess how fast your startup can execute in 7 Key Areas


STRIVE™ Solutions

Define plans, decks, agreements, or strategy to execute with expert action

Startup Accelerator

STRIVE™ Startup


Extend your startup’s execution in 7 Key Areas – Learn More


Strategic solutions for disruptive startups

High-Velocity Startups Offering - Co-Founder Strategic Alignment

Co-Founder Strategic Alignment

Assess and achieve alignment with your partners on your top priorities from the start, the middle, and any exit, resolving any disputes amicably


  • Pitch Decks
  • Business Plans
  • Company Setup
  • Equity Structuring
  • Term Sheets
High-Velocity Startups Offering - Set Up Board of Directors

Governance & Advisory Boards

Set up an advisory board and mechanisms for decision-making, votes, shareholder meetings, and other corporate functions


  • Articles & Bylaws
  • Board, Shareholder Meeting Guidance
  • Setting Up / Chairing Advisory Boards
High-Velocity Startups Offering - Set Up Board of Directors

Structure Deals & Launch Fast

Structure and de-risk deals towards profitability, exploiting opportunities so you can launch and run your products and services with ease


  • Products & Services
  • Operational Support
  • Intellectual Property
  • Partnerships
  • Contracts & Deals
Get a velocity assessment

Get assessed by a lawyer and tech entrepreneur who’s supported some of the world’s biggest brands, including Amazon.

Get business, legal, and product outcomes

Get business, legal, and product outcomes that have benefited Amazon, Canadian Tire, CoreLogic, and DHL.

Raihan Islam, Advisory Board Certified Chair™, Certified Project Management Professional (PMP)®, Admitted Solicitor

Get support from an Advisory Board Certified Chair™, Certified Project Management Professional (PMP)®, and Qualified Lawyer.

7 Key Areas
Risk Register Example

Do you need our solutions? Get a free Velocity Assessment first

Many startups fail because they miss the connection between key areas and fail to deliver results faster than the risks that may bring their dream to a halt.

Our combined business, legal, and product acumen make us ideal to assess what can be done to optimize your approach and propel your business forward, keeping you ahead of the curve.


…in a world where sometimes the legal professionals I am working with day to day, a phone call can be billed by the minute, and with Raihan, I always get the impression that he will be fair and generous with his time, and isn’t so concerned about billing by the minute but rather for the impact of the work he is doing, so in short, if you are looking for someone to help, I’d highly recommend him.

He’s been someone that I would say is a go-to for me when we are having corporate potential conflicts or shareholder issues.

He’s helped immensely with doing annual shareholder meetings. He held my hand through the process and made it really a lot more understandable what I needed to do, what I needed to say, and also we rehearsed things together.

Chad O'Carroll

CEO and Founder, Korea Risk Group

Great job! Delivered on time and met all our requirements.”

I enjoyed working with Raihan! He was always available and the job was completed in a timely manner. I look forward to working with him in the future!”

We hired Raihan to rewrite our Terms & Conditions of Business for our online [service]. From the very beginning Raihan showed his professionalism. He quickly understood our remit and advised on legal wording for UK jurisdiction. We found him easy to work and communicate with and the job was completed on time and to an excellent standard. We would have no hesitation in recommending Raihan and we will definitely use his service and knowledge again.”

Our startup company has been developing a software for a Fintech industry, where regulations are very important & complex. […] it became too complicated for us to understand the legal & technical side of the PCI compliance world. […] [Raihan] was very quick to understand our problem from a complex technical side & legal side.  He cleared figured out the issues and guided us.  It’s always hard to find a person with both high level technical understanding and legal. Going forward, we will be using his help for all of our projects.  He is very knowledgeable, easy to work with, understanding & communicates very clearly. I highly recommend him for his expertise.”

(Various Clients)

Business Owners, Multiple Sectors (NDA)

I’ve been working with Raihan since 2016, he has been instrumental really in helping structure and set up different business units around the world for different things we have tried.

Whenever I have any issue within my business or any of my friends have a legal question or anything like that, he is always the first person to come to mind and the first person I reach out to.

I don’t think that my life would look anything like it does without his guidance over almost the past decade, and I would say that if you are looking for guidance or support in any area from structuring a business, setting up a business unit, to any other type of advisory, I couldn’t recommend anyone higher.

Devin Hunter

CEO and Founder, Creative Concrete, Cyberplex, and Korbis

Sky News once featured us, and Raihan, discussing SEO and IT security. Through High-Velocity Startups, Raihan acted as overseer and architect for our website’s overhaul, integrating payments, SEO, GDPR compliance, and cybersecurity seamlessly. We moved from a niche startup to the dominant player in our market as a direct result

Raihan’s comprehensive, holistic, and strategic vision has been indispensable to our business’s success. He achieves this through exceptional technical knowledge – in web development, cybersecurity, and legal compliance – paired with a pragmatic savvy understanding of real world business and management

Raihan is a unique talent, and we look forward to continued collaboration.

Luke Blaxill and Shuzhi Zhou

Co-Directors, GradFunding


Ready to STRIVE™ to thrive?

Whether you are an aspiring tech entrepreneur or an expert innovator looking to get to achieve results fast, it’s important to find out how fast you can go based on where you are.

Our founder and Principal Advisor, Raihan Islam, has decades of experience in the 7 Key Areas making High-Velocity Startups the flexible tech startup accelerator.

Connect with him to find out how fast you can go to get to where you want to be. STRIVE™ to thrive.

Raihan Islam, Principal Advisor at defineXTEND