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Using 25 Years’ XP to Coach Tech Entrepreneurs to Drive High-Velocity Startups 

Accelerate confidently.

We accelerate your startup towards profitability by refining your messaging for investors, structuring deals, and taking priority actions fast.


Progress your tech startup with confidence.


Have you covered the risks you need to care about as a co-founder of your exciting tech startup?

Need support understanding what you can do about those risks without creating additional pressure on your partners?

defineXTEND is your trusted advisor and mediator, advising tech startup co-founders toward strategic alignment, and mediating their disputes towards reconciliation or transition. 

Managing Startup Risks

We tackle tech startup challenges and increase co-founder confidence

Strategic Alignment

We align tech startup co-founders on strategy

Whether you are in a low-risk or high-risk startup setup, we assess the risks and provide advice on the next steps to take, resulting in new or updated business plans, company registration, or legal agreements

Dispute Mediation

We resolve co-founder disputes via mediation

If there are concerns or red flags in your startup, we can propose options leading to the outcome you desire, resulting either in updated company documents or strategic intervention towards reconciliation or transition

How We Work

Transforming your business through multidisciplinary connecting of the dots

High-Level Risk Assessment

High-Level Risk Assessment

Identify your startup’s risks under defineXTEND‘s 7 Key Areas focusing on Legal and Strategy

In-Depth Context Analysis & Solution Implementation

In-Depth Context Analysis & Solution Implementation

Define plans, agreements, or strategy to manage and address risks

XTEND Retainer

XTEND Retainer

Enhance your startup across all of defineXTEND‘s 7 Key Areas


Innovative solutions for modern businesses

defineXTEND Offering - Co-Founder Strategic Alignment

Co-Founder Strategic Alignment

Ensure alignment with your business partners from the start, the middle, and any exit

defineXTEND Offering - Set Up Board of Directors

Set Up Board of Directors

Set up mechanisms for decision-making, votes, shareholder meetings, and other corporate functions

defineXTEND Offering - Structure Business Deals

Structure Business Deals

Whether seeking to get acquired or you’re negotiating a serious partnership deal, do it right

defineXTEND Offering - Take Your Product to Market

Take Your Product to Market

Ensure your product launch is spectacular by covering key risks that could block your success

defineXTEND Offering - Resolve Disputes Amicably

Resolve Disputes Amicably

Review the context leading up to a disagreement or misunderstanding and review options

Get a risk assessment

Get a risk assessment from a lawyer who’s supported some of the world’s biggest brands, including Amazon.

Get business, legal, and product outcomes

Get business, legal, and product outcomes that have benefited Amazon, Canadian Tire, CoreLogic, and DHL.

Expert in law, technology, and management

Get confidence you are being supported by an accomplished expert in areas of law, technology, and management.

What defineXTEND does - 7 Key Areas

Do you need our solutions? Get a free High-Level Risk Assessment first

Many startups fail because they miss the connection between key areas and fail to address their risks with strategic action.

Our combined business, legal, and product acumen make us ideal to assess your risks and determine what can be done to propel your business forward.

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Define and extend your business with us today.

We are ready to discuss your needs to help you set up or improve your business, and if we are unable to advise, we will refer you to someone else in our trusted advice network.

Our founder and Principal Advisor, Raihan Islam, has decades of experience combining the 7 Key Areas that make defineXTEND your ideal, trusted advisor.

Connect with him to assess your risks, define the best solution for you, and extend your business right now.

Raihan Islam, Principal Advisor at defineXTEND